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Brick Veneer Panels secured at the RAY

Following identification of wall tie failure, due to water ingress and corrosion, over 43,000 DryFix retrofit ties have been installed on the Robert A Young Federal Building in St Louis, Missouri.

Known as the ‘RAY’, the 20 story block is home to a variety of federal agencies. Built in 1931, it is constructed with a brick veneer secured to a backup of CMU blocks and concrete. Due to age, weathering and water intrusion the wall ties were corroding and failing, resulting in some bulging of the outer wall and ‘puckering’ the masonry joints.

Having identified the problem, the project engineers specified DryFix remedial; wall ties from Helifix as the quickest and most cost-effective means of rectifying the problem and restoring structural integrity. Over 43,000 DryFix ties were required, comprising standard for the CMU blocks and asymmetric for securing the veneer to the concrete.

The DryFix installation, undertaken by our local contractor, involved simply power-driving the ties, using a special drill adaptor, into both wythes, via small pilot holes drilled through the veneer mortar joints and into the backup. The helical stainless steel DryFix ties provide a secure and reliable connection and require no grouts, resins or expansion devises. This greatly reduces installation times to provide significant cost savings.

The brick veneer at the RAY is now completely stabilized and the building’s exterior has been left virtually unmarked.

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