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Dry mechanical pinning and remedial tying system

DryFix is a slim, versatile and rapidly installed mechanical pinning and remedial tying system that requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion. The patented DryFix system has been developed over many years and is an extremely versatile and reliable remedial pinning and tying system. It is very quick and easy to install and several versions of the system have evolved for specific applications.

DryFix provides an effective and economical stress-free connection between all commonly used building materials in both cavity and solid masonry constructions without needing any grouts, resins or mechanical expansion. It is simply power-driven into position, via a small pilot hole, using a special installation tool that leaves the end of the helical tie recessed below the outer face to allow an ‘invisible’ finish.

System Components

  • Drill bits
  • Load Test Unit and collet key
  • Special powerdriver attachment for rapid flush installation
  • Extension nozzle
  • DryFix helical tie

1. Drill small pilot hole using rotary percussion drill, 3-jaw-chuck type. Note: When used in a joint, the mortar must be of sufficient strength and on-site testing of its suitability is essential.

2. Load tie into DryFix Power Driver Attachment fitted to SDS hammer drill

3. Drive in tie until outer end is fully recessed below face of masonry

  • Versatile replacement wall tie
  • For securing multiple layers of masonry
  • For pinning delicate masonry features

  • Patented remedial tying system
  • Self-tapping, secure, stress-free fixing
  • Requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion
  • Slim, one-piece, grade 304 stainless steel tie, grade 316 is available upon request
  • Quick, easy, non-disruptive installation using the Power Drive Attachment 
  • Effective in bricks, blocks, concrete, hard mortar, wood stud, metal stud
  • Effective in cavity and solid walls, hollow materials and close to edges
  • Usable in all weathers, temperatures and environments
  • Highly economical with low installation costs
  • Great tensile strength
  • Flexibility accommodates normal building movement
  • Multiple drip points prevent transfer of water across cavity
  • Can be installed through insulation without affecting its thermal performance
  • Leaves masonry virtually unmarked
  • Minimal inconvenience to occupants

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