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Research & Development

With no set standards for wall tie design, testing and performance until 1984, Helifix recognized the need for a purpose-designed wall tie and engineered an entirely new style of retrofit tie, using austenitic stainless steel, with a unique helical shape. A non-expansion mechanical-resin fixing, this new tie was very strong axially, to resist wind suction, yet sufficiently flexible to accommodate natural building movement, would also introduce no further stresses and avoid expansion.

As the originators of the helical one-piece tie, Helifix redefined the market for tying and pinning. Its slim, easily installed, retrofit ties, with no mechanical expansion, minimized the chances of failure and could be tested in situ to establish their pull out loading.

An on-going research and development programme by Helifix has, over the years, produced a variety of innovative wall ties, fixings and repair systems. These include: RetroTie, the first of the stainless steel helical wall ties; CemTie, a fully grouted multi-purpose tie for stabilising solid masonry, lintel repairs, securing internal and external walls and repining separated bring ring arches; HeliBars, helical bars bonded horizontally into the masonry for reinforcement and to perform reliable, cost-effective crack stitching; the Helibeam System of structural beaming, using the existing masonry, that reinforces the structure, spreads loads and minimizes the need for mass underpinning.

DryFix, which is particularly suited to the American market, represented another major step forward in effective remedial pinning. A slim, rapidly installed, retrofit wall tie DryFix requires no grouts, resins or mechanical expansion and uses a specially developed power-driven tool that recesses the tie below the face of the masonry. Installation is extremely quick resulting in significantly reduced contract times and associated costs.

All Helifix products have undergone extensive testing at a number of universities, both in the UK and overseas, and at well recognised independent testing organisations. All products are manufactured to exacting standards in Helifix’s own UK factory, to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards, and continual development ensures that Helifix products and techniques remain at the forefront of the structural repairs market.

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