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DryFix Asymmetric Tie

Used to secure soft outer wythe materials to a hard inner wythe, such as concrete or hard brick

The DryFix Asymmetric Tie is a dry mechanical pinning and remedial tying system. It is used for securing soft outer wythe materials to a hard inner wythe, such as concrete or hard brick.

1. Drill small pilot hole using rotary percussion drill, 3-jaw-chuck type. Note: When used in a joint, the mortar must be of sufficient strength and on-site testing of its suitability is essential.

2. Load tie into DryFix Power Driver Attachment fitted to SDS hammer drill

3. Drive in tie until outer end is fully recessed below face of masonry
  • Developed specifically to secure relatively soft outer wythe material to a harder inner wythe, such as concrete or dense brick.
  • The asymmetric tie has a longer outer section with a standard diameter (8mm or 10mm) and a shorter reduced diameter section (6.5mm or 8mm respectively) 
  • It is installed in the same manner as standard DryFix ties to provide a rapid, reliable and concealed solution.

  • Requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion
  • Does not stress or fracture fragile substrates
  • Quick, easy, concealed installation using the Power Driver Attachment
  • Installed tie is recessed below the face of the masonry
  • Highly economical with low installed costs 
  • Effective in most common building materials
  • Leaves masonry virtually unmarked
  • Usable in all weathers and temperatures
  • Far wythe security of fixing easily proof tested

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